SFR Chain's industrial chain factories return to work

SFR Chain's industrial chain factories return to work

February 16, 20202216

We are happy to announce that this weekend, February 15 2020, our industrial chain factories EP and TSI (SFR Shaoxing) resumed operations after the longest Chinese New Year break, due to the infamous Covid-19 virus outbreak (apparently this is the official name now). Both factories got the clearance from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Bureau, and join our sister factories of motorcycle chain which returned to work a week earlier.

While we adjust production to achieve full levels, we are making all efforts to eliminate any risks to the health of our staff, including the preventive measures already taken by our other plants:

1. Teams of 10 employees are set, with a team leader appointed to register and report the whereabouts of the other 9 employees daily, reporting physical interaction with other people and health status.
2. The gatekeepers take temperature levels, identity card registration and sterilization of incoming and outgoing personnel.
3. Sterilization of the entire plants at least twice daily, and conduct inspections regularly by squads of 2 employees.
4. The company canteen is divided into groups, with tables limited to one person, with distance between seaters more than 1.5 meters, facing in the same direction.
5. The distance between staff during meetings should be more than 1.5 meters.

Our sales and administrative staff are still working remotely from home, since public commuting is still the highest risk for infection – factory staff lives in the plant’s dormitories or in the village, using their own transportation. With the strict measures implemented to end with the spread of the virus, it is expected to be back to normal by the end of February.