SFR starts construction of its new plant

SFR Chain Group has been excelling at manufacturing and innovating motorcycle and industrial chain since 1991, always focusing on high quality and innovation to stay in the pole positions of the industry.Chinese companies have established strong positions in two types of innovation—developing new products and services that address consumer needs, and process SFR has been keeping striving to improve product ... SFR is becoming one of the largest motorcycle chain manufacturer in ... ...




SFR starts construction of its new plant

March 07, 20192046

SFR Chain Group is finalizing the preparatory works to start construction of its 5th plant and future headquarters for industrial chain. Located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang, the new facilities will have 113,000sqm in the first stage of the development, with a production capacity of 100Ton chain / day.

This first stage will consolidate all industrial chain production in the new facilities, now spread around 2 plants in Zhejiang province (the other 3 plants focus on motorcycle chain). On the second stage, an additional 53,000sqm development is already planned, to also include the motorcycle chain manufacturing, which is the flagship product of the brand and is currently being produced at the headquarters in the outskirts of picturesque Hangzhou city. With the recent acquisition of Hangzhou Transailing Industrial (TSI) and Elephant Chain (EP), SFR Group has become one of the top 5 chain manufacturers in China, focusing on delivering quality, reliability and innovative solutions to its customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.