Rubber Glove chain

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Rubber Glove chain

Carrier chain for rubber glove industry Submit your Inquiry

Product Description:

A fast-growing manufacturing sector in these challenging times, the rubber glove industry has experienced annual growth rates of close to 20% in 2020, with a similar rate expected for 2021, with a worldwide demand at an astounding 420 billion (according to Nikkei Asia, 17 Feb 2021).

With governments around the World re-analyzing their dependance on third countries for supply of basic equipment and commodities to face other pandemic situations in the future, it is expected that supply of rubber gloves, currently centralized mainly in Malaysia (with 2/3 of the total supply), China and Thailand, will be re-localized, with local plants being created in many regions to avoid shortage of these goods.

Whether for nitrile, PVC, latex or other types, SFR Chain is one of the leading suppliers of carrier chain for the manufacturing of rubber gloves, cooperating with well-known ERP engineering companies and glove production line designers for customized solutions that increase the efficiency, and reduce the wear of the chains for a longer operative life.


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